Friday, April 20, 2012

Sonic Lecture 6: So can music really change the world? (Nathalie Gravanor)

Nathalie Gravanor’s Sonic Lecture (Sunday 29th April 2012, 19.00) ponders the question with a sub title: rallying calls and anthems, pranks, opening alternative spaces and modes of distribution.
She covers both pro- and opponents of this thesis and questions whether either camp has any new ideas:“What exactly constitutes change? That seems to be a key question. This lecture will propose different possibilities for music to impact a larger group than just the singer and his entourage and thus hopes to offer some stimuli for a fresh discussion.”
Featuring the unavoidable protest singer pantheon Seeger-Guthrie-MacColl-Dylan-Baez, John Cage, James Brown, Beatles vs. Stones, Crass, Laibach, Plastic People of the Universe, a selection of election campaign songs, Ton Steine Scherben, Kraftwerk, M.I.A and others.

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