Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dominique Golden (August 2010)

Dominique Golden week-long residency at Centrum included the screening of two of her films - Sleepwalking and Beaver Lux (with Saffron Holloway) and During her residency we held a Drawing Day, which started at Centrum with a short 'show and tell' of Dom's work and then went to nearbypark, Hasenhide Volkspark to do some drawing.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Marta Marcé 'Nationless' (July 2010)

In Spanish artist Marta Marcé's Centrum residency, she continued her use of colour and structure to make playful, abstract paintings. 'Nationless' used 80 small canvases reminiscent of flags offer a critical and playful reflection on nationalism. The series was made in the time after Marta's arrival in Berlin from Oct to Dec 2009. The artist hold a phenomenological, critical but also playful reflection on the abstraction forms and the national meaning of flags. In these group of paintings Marce reduced the formal to its minimum and removed all national symbols as well as applied different colours to emphasize the abstract in the paintings.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Silke Eva Kästner 'Drop' (July 2010)

Silke Eva Kästner is an installation artist who responds to her surrounding environment and to human everyday use of space. In her Centrum residency she built on work developed at an Art Karavan International - a two month journey through India, using newspaper painted white. As can be seen in the video from the residency (below), there is a performative element to her work, which can come from the visibility of the artist making the work, or from the human interaction with the artwork itself.

Silke's residency also included a public sreening of Double Burial 2010, Dai Lake, Kashmir, made during Silke’s journey with Art Karavan earlier in the year. Double Burial is part of Silke's ongoing series with white-painted newspapers and the screening was part of Centrum's 48 Stunden 2010 programme.