Tuesday, December 13, 2011

David Rhodes Centrum Residency - 12-18 December 2011

David Rhodes makes abstract paintings of vertical lines over black space. At a distance the stripes create a physical disorientation, close up though, the artist's interest in the surface of paint is revealed. His deliberate permitting of accidental imperfections opens up the possibility for an emotional as well as an intellectual response. David Rhodes lives and works in Berlin.

For his residency at Centrum David Rhodes will be animating his black and white paintings. By using painted tubes instead of flat canvases, he will be able to play with the movement his paintings create. Spinning, leaning, hanging, he will experiment with the tubular paintings in space.

The Finissage takes place at 19.00 on Friday 16 December and we are also open Saturday 17 14.00 - 18.00 December or by appointment.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sonic Lecture 3: Rachel O'Dwyer - Spectres of Sound Reproduction (11/12/11)

The next in the series of Centrum's Sonic Lectures is by Rachel O’Dwyer, who teaches at Trinity College Dublin and is Editor of Interference (A Journal of Audio Culture). Her lecture is called Spectres of Sound Reproduction and in focuses on an area of music described as 'Hauntology'. The Centrum programme has already touched on the hauntology theme with the Wolpertinger nights and proponents Leyland James Kirby (last month) and Position Normal (June 2010) performing here.

As Rachel describes: "Using a variety of examples from early recordings, sonic arts, contemporary and popular music, this lecture will explore themes such as time, presence, preservation and decay in sound recording from the Victorian era through to recent digital recording and remastering, and examine how the spectre of the past continues to haunt contemporary listening practices, musical genres and in particular our understandings of analogue and digital sound reproduction."

Starts at 7pm, please get there early
Rsvp to david@centrumberlin.com for a place.