Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jo Addison & Alice Walton 'one day exhibition' (September 2010)

In the first of it’s kind at Centrum, London-based artists Jo Addison and Alice Walton created a
one-day exhibition following a mini-residency in the Project Room. During
their short stay they looked at ways of developing a dialogue between their
work as well as experimenting with installation and ideas of display. Alice Walton makes collages and sculptures that incorporate found materials such as magazines and art history books. Jo Addison is also inspired by found material. She seeks out invisible objects, things we are not supposed to notice.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bill Leslie (August 2010)

During his Centrum residency, Bill Leslie completed and showed a film work, building a sonic element in particular, alongside associated sculpture and prints. His process involved using lo-fi materials such as painted cardboard and expanding foam, to create objects which are arranged into small sculptural tableau. He filmed sequences on Super-8, influenced by early avant-garde and art documentary films, see clip below.

Images of Wonder from Bill Leslie on Vimeo.