Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sophie Bélair Clément 'Daylight: The Hermitage State Museum'(December 2010)

Sophie Bélair Clément creates installations and performances that are concerned with museum strategies for reconstruction, presentation and documentation. In her Centrum work, 'Daylight: The Hermitage State Museum' she documented the different height of the 2200 curtains that are pulled up and down every day by the gallery guards at the state museum on St. Petersburg, Russia. The slide projected collage was screened on Centrum’s window between dusk and late evening.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Spatial Relations (December 2010)

Spatial Relations was a programme of video screenings and installations at Centrum and nearby offsite spaces on 11th December. The sreenings, which were shown as part of a walking tour, covered nine international artist’s works that presented different approaches to observing the city: the connection between the body and architecture; rewriting roles and possible actions in the city and new angles on familiar territory. The videos, which were shot in Belfast, Berlin, Sao Paulo and Tel Aviv, were made by artists:

Ola Bielas

Miriam de Búrca

Elham Rokni

syrinx (2007) 3 min segment from 09:30 from eellhhaamm on Vimeo.

Kate Squires

Julia Kouneski

Michelle Williams Gamaker

Claire Waffel

Hinda Weiss &

Linda Weiss

The event was curated by Waffelfisch in association with Centrum.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Anna Johnston & Emma Koster 'Exhumation' (December 2010)

Anna Johnston & Emma Koster hosted an evening of exploring and unearthing strange creatures. Their installation/performance piece (held on 4th December) created an unexplored nature area at Centrum in which visitors were invited to dig up the weird artefacts and to place them in history and science.