Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sonic Lectures Programme

As said previously, Centrum will be hosting a regular Sunday afternoon event called Sonic Lectures, commencing on 22nd October 2011. The idea is that we invite an audience to listen to a selection of music that broadens our understanding of music and its context. In August 2011, we put out a submission call out to find lecturers - individuals interested in telling the story of a particular area of music or in putting forward their own personal take on music. We received a high level of interest and have subsequently compiled a programme running from October 2011 through to July 2012 (with some details still to be arranged). The events, which have kindly been supported by the Wire magazine, will run (at least) monthly and details of the first lecture by DJ Zhao, will be up here shortly.




CSL1 - 22-Oct-2011

Leo Zhao

Ancient Futurism

CSL2- 13-Nov-2011

Jonny Mugwump

Exotic Pylon

CSL3 - 11-Dec-2011

Rachel O' Dwyer

Spectres of Sound Reproduction

CSL5 - 22-Jan-2012

Laurent Fintoni

A Boom Bap Continuum

CSL6 - 12-Feb-2012

Philip Freeman

German Thrash – Extreme Metal For A Divided Nation

CSL7 - 25-Feb-2012

Norman Neubauer

More than pieces of pure pop simplicity /slash/ genius – the music of new zealand

CSL8 - 11-Mar-2012

Mike Brooks

Bomb weed

CSL9 - 24-Mar-2012

Paul Sullivan

Dub Diaspora

CSL10 - 14-Apr-2012

Daren Pickles

The beautiful heuristic: Brian Eno, the 'non-musician' and his systemic approach

CSL11 – 28-Apr-2012

Nathalie Gravanor

Rallying calls & anthems, pranks, opening alternative spaces and modes of distribution

CSL12 – 13-May-2012

Alex Prestele, Regis Vuilliomenet and Roy Engel

From Funk-Jazz to R’nB: UK FUNK and R’n’B between 1980 & 1985

CSL13 – 27-May-2012

Carl Schilde/ Anselm Nehls

Sub bass station

CSL15 – 24-June-2012


Details to follow

CSL16 – 8-July-2012

Jim Barrett

The Folk of Digital Primitive

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