Saturday, November 5, 2011

Exotic Pylon (Jonny Mugwump): City Symphony Residency (Nov 13-17)

Our next Centrum resident is Jonny Mugwump aka, the Exotic Pylon.

Jonny Mugwump has become an important figure in the development of strange collage music, in his role as a radio broadcaster (on Resonance and Fnoob/NTS), music night curater (Exotic Pylon@ the Vortex), Weird Tales for Winter creator and now as record label head (Exotic Pylon Records).

Called 'Exotic Pylon: City Symphony' and running between 13-17 November, the residency will involve Jonny turning Centrum in live radio studio, with an invited audience, with interviews/chatter/performances from Caretaker (Leyland James Kirby), Ectoplasm Girls, Zhao, Infinite Livez, Wermonster, Chrisoph De Babalon, Dalglish and others still to be confirmed. (updated 7th November)

Jonny will be posting on his new residency blog, so any new announcements will be posted there...we will also confirm details of the radio web location soon.

Also, to support a special feature on each show, Jonny would like Berliners to send in field recordings of their favourite sounds in the city - these can be of any quality, recorded on any device, preferably with the time, date and location of recording accompanied with a short description of what the sound means to you (a photo too). Jonny will build a collage of these to play out in the gallery and mount them all separately on the blog as well.

There will be 4 week night broadcasts (Mon 14 - Thurs 17 Nov) and Jonny will kick off the residency with the second in our series of Sonic Lectures entitled 'nothing but a bit ole collage' drawing Berliners’ attention to some of the music he has be championing through his radio/night/label.

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