Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sonic Lectures at Centrum

Centrum is inviting submissions from music aficionados
interested in leading an event at Centrum over the coming year. Called Sonic Lectures, they will take place on Sundays (most likely monthly). The idea is that we listen to a selection of music that broadens our understanding of music and its context.

We are looking for contributions from individuals who are interested in telling the story of a particular area of music. The ‘lecture’ would be in the form of a collection of music played (DJed if you will) but the theme of each event will be set in advance (through our promotion) and at the event through hand-outs or projected information about the theme and each track.

For those interested please email david at centrumberlin dot com and I'll send further details together with a template for a short submission. Events are planned from September 2011 till August 2012 and all will be represented as part of the SL podcast series.


  1. Hallo Centrum

    Aha, nice to see this.
    i had contacted Centrum previously when last in Berlin last year.
    I am planning to return to Europe next year and could imagine it being within the period you mention.
    As the founder of groups like Ike Yard ( Factory Records America 1982 ) and others, I imagine i could do a lecture on a few things ; i am planning to dev a night of music we did for Wm Gibson's Neuromancer in 1995 and have been involved in pre producions of various Gibson movie proj's ,etc. Or could lecture about electronic music, the '80's, Future cities.

    Just bubbling on it after reading your ms.

    All best
    Stuart Argabright NYC producer, founder of Ike Yard, Dominatrix "Sleeps Tonight", Death Comet Crew, many cyber projects bet. '84 -'95

  2. Hi Stuart,
    I remember we chatted over fb when you were over and I did make it down the night you played Raum 18 albeit at 4am when it was over! Would be great to involve you in this when you're next over - just drop an email to david@centrumberlin.com and I'll send you a short template thing to fill in - just set out the area you'd want to cover so we can programme ahead.
    cheers David